What make our hair SPECIAL and EXCELS

100%Human hair is used:

Being the soul of every hair designs, Human Hair is the ONLY material for real hair look. It is healthly, breathable, nature and flexible for all hair treatment.

Multiple Attachment Available:

All our hairpieces and wigs are designed for easy wearing and tailor-made for your own needs.

  1. Clip-on
    In 4 minutes, you can put up your hairpiece or wig with specialised hair clips. You may remove it when you go to bed.
  2. Invisible attachment
    By weaving or glue attachment, your hairpiece will be attached to your head just like hair growing from your scalp. It is a Secret between you and your hairpiece. No one can tell even your another half. What a magic!
  3. Hair density
    Adding hair can be in a gradual and invisible pace, starting with very spare density to ideal one. Even yourself can’t tell the difference.
  4. Colors
    You will find over 30 colors in our color ring that combine colors from dark to light blond. Your favourite color can be made with a custom-made hairpieces.
  5. Hair styles and curls
    For all our human hair, since it is 100% real human hair, you may do any curl from kinky hair to ioning straight where as some other shops selling non-human hair can’t do it.
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