Simply make reservation at 2368 2628, whatsapp 67307307 or visit our replacement centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. A free consultation with our specialist will be very important for us to know your needs.

Try On

According to your needs, try on some styles before you decide to do a custom made hairpiece. It is very important to experience how you feel and look before & after carrying a hairpiece.

No hurry! Do give yourself psychological preparation!

Measurement & Design

Custom made focus on customer’s head shape & extend of hair loss. Size will be made precisely. And designs of hair style, hair length, color and even crown and parting will be on your own uniqueness.

Base Materials and Color Selections

Sensitive skin? Sweaty head? It’s alright? We would suggest suitable hair net base on your needs. Durable,high permeability and skin-friendly hair nets are selectable. Futhermore,our color ring are full of popular choices. No idea? We are have to help.


Production of hairpieces can be very complicated. From construction of head foam,tailoring of the base materials, to ventilation of hair, it takes 6-8 weeks. Every procedure are under close supervision. Quality control is the primary task in our production. Craftsman is so proud to see their masterpiece and efforts.

Trimming & Styling

To give vitality to the finished hairpiece, our professional hair stylists take very important part in it.In our private room, your hairpiece will be trimmed and styled on your head and finally you will experience a very different you.

Follow up

We will contact you in a month time after you take your custom made. Just feel free to share with us no matter you have problem in caring the hairpiece or joy from your new hair style.

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