1. What is the difference between a wig and a hairpiece?
In the 50-60's of Hong Kong, women used to carry a wig for fashion. It's a full cap wig which cover all your own hair. For a hairpiece, some people would describe it as a topper.
Since it is a piece of hair with base material put on top of your head, you have to mix your own hair with the hairpiece which is use to cover grey hair/ bald area/ or change your own hair style.
2. Will the hair volume very thick?
Hair volume depends on every customer's need. Adding hair can be step by step from light volume to heavier volume so even yourself can't tell the difference.
3. How to wash the hair?
It's very simple like washing your own hair by using shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry for your own hair style. For synthetic hair, you need to wash with lukewarm water and let dry only. Washing instruction will be accompanied with every wig / hairpiece you buy.
4. Can I wear my hairpiece when sleeping or doing exercise?
For sure yes! You may wear your hairpiece 7x24 hrs. with special hair attachment method.
5. Will my own hair and scalp be damaged while wearing a hairpiece?
We will use only skin friendly base materials which are lightweight and air breathable. No worry at all!
6. Can I trim my hairpiece in other salon?
Yes, you can if your hair stylists are experienced with hairpieces and wig. But we strongly recommend you to make it in Fifth Avenue as our hair stylists are trained for it.
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