You’ll Love it if you know it

Wigs are closely related with us. You can see wigs everywhere. On TV shows, drama, Law Court, Wedding banquet and even in a restaurant, you will find people wearing a wig or a hairpiece. Positively it is very common in all walks of life. It help increase our confidence and bring smiling face.

Wearing a wig become Fashion

  • You can carry different hair styles
  • From short hair to long hair
  • From straight hair to a sexy curls
  • Cover the annoying grey hair and become young again

The Need for Medical reason

  • When facing hair loss, no matter for reason of Alopecia areata or side effect of chemotherapy from cancer, our self image become very low. How can I show a bald head in front of others.
  • A medical wig will help you immediately.
  • Choose one which is lightweight, soft, and high quality human hair or synthetic hair.
  • It would definitely release your worries and make your day.

For Professionals

In law court, you will find judges carrying a wig. Movie stars, KOL or even window display, you can see the use of wigs are very common. Need special designs? Fifth Avenue can tailor-made your needs

Stage Performance

Wigs are widely used in drama, opera and concert. See the character modelling of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and little Mermaid. All need different styles of wig for their performance.


We have many styles of hair accessories like pony tails, hair buns and dome especially for the Bride to be bridesmates/ bridesmaids. In your wedding, you may turn your short hair or even skinhead to a charming long curly hair with our hair accessories. It’s fun!

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